Stay in Your Own Square

Birds on a roof

I am easily amused. A cheap date, so to speak. It takes very little to keep me happy. This morning I splurged and purchased a new program, for my “loaner” laptop, called Smart Photo Editor. A blogger/photographer that I follow had mentioned it in an old post, and I’ve been waiting for the right time […]

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Black and White Blossoms

Before I dig into any New Lifestyle, New Me updates, I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had on this COVID-19 dilemma, social distancing, and how it’s helping me come up with some new ideas. Staying away from crowds, as I’ve mentioned, hasn’t been difficult. Dealing with the recent rains, on the other hand, was […]

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the Shutdown

Two Flowers

In the Quietus The earth’s music could be heard We stopped to listen In this period of quietus, I’m working on photographs of almost every flower we have in our yard. These are in a pot near the front porch. I was drawn to the splashes of dark pink, and the way they contrast with […]

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