Give Thanks…

NO MATTER WHAT Hmmm… well isn’t that a wee bit grandiloquent?! Between the Word of the Day, grandiloquent, and the weekend writing prompt, peristeronic, I’m beginning to think that I need to keep a thesaurus and a dictionary at my desk!  Grandiloquent: Language or behavior is very formal, literary, or exaggerated, and is used by […]

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Word to the Wise

Palm Tree Art

Wonder is being in a constant state of awe, no matter how mundane your circumstances might be.

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Eclectic Thoughts

How does one decipher, Mixed messages conveyed? Go where there is no path, But be careful not to stray. Reach for the stars is guidance… That often goes around, But can this be achieved… When keeping both feet on the ground? Am I shooting for the moon… If I aim to rise above the crowd? […]

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