The Quarantine Collection

Positivity is a choice.

Since the virus hit, life has turned upside down for so many. Between the sickness, stay at home orders, the requirement of face masks in public, and the closure of many businesses, it takes effort to remain positive. The Quarantine Collection is a project that I’ve initiated in an attempt to stay grateful in the present, and optimistic about the future. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy!

I’m Reminded

I’m reminded, Of my younger days…  Growing up, Was on my mind…  A house,  A yard,  And picket fence. The perfect mate,  I hoped to find.  I’m reminded, Of growing older… Staying young, Was my desire… Smooth skin, Thin shape, Longevity. The extra income, That this required. I’m reminded, Of how far I’ve come… Looking… Continue reading →

Treasure Fishing

One thing becomes clearer as one gets older and one’s fishing experience increases, and that is the paramount importance of one’s fishing companions. I’ve had this image of some fishermen hanging out for a while now, and there’s something about it that I just love. That being said, I’ve gotten a little creative with the… Continue reading →


It’s official. The world revolves. Or is it evolves? For the last four and one-half months, I can literally use my fingers to count the number of times I’ve left the house to do something fun, interesting, or worthwhile. It wasn’t until the past month or so that the situation started to affect my mental… Continue reading →

Beautiful Storm

I started working on this image during my “time out” yesterday. I feel wonderful today, and very well rested. The beach scene is not quite where I wanted it to be, but it will have to do. For now. Striving for perfection is exhausting, so it’s “good enough.” I’ve come to the conclusion that—even with… Continue reading →

Wall Mural

Blind Alley

A cool shot from my quarantine walk today. Walk Stats: 4.5 Miles / 1 Hour, 53 Minutes / 11,647 Steps

Unanswered Questions

What is this “uneasiness” I’ve been feeling lately? What am I doing differently at the moment, since the (unofficial) quarantine started? What is it that I miss? What do I think I need? Is it possible that this “time out” is stirring something inside of me, causing me to reevaluate my priorities, reassess my goals,… Continue reading →


A Good Harvest

Today was a beautiful day. It felt like summer this morning so I took my walk early. I wanted my energy level to be high. Exercise seems to be the “in” thing right now because there were people everywhere. Walking, jogging, cycling… I was constantly zigzagging across streets, making sure to stay 6 feet away.… Continue reading →

Beach Walkers

Dieter’s Journal #2

Dear Diary, I was going to write about my New Lifestyle, New Me project, but I think the Quarantine is taking the lead. I was convinced that it wasn’t affecting me, but now I’m starting to think I’ve been in denial. I took my walk just before the sun went down, because I wanted to… Continue reading →

Art-Hollywood Closed

Restricted Access

Hollywood has unfortunately become a memory. It’s nothing but a sign on the side of a hill. —Mickey Rooney I haven’t taken my walk yet but I’ll be on my way shortly! I’m still testing out the new photo editor with some of my older images. This upcycled photograph (the original taken while hiking up… Continue reading →

Leaf Art

Hanging On

I watched little leaves, Drifting in the wind.Spinning, twirling, floating.Landing ever so softly,On the ground beneath my feet. On the branch above,One was still hanging on.Quivering in the breeze. And I wondered…Was it shaking from fear,Afraid to let go?Or was it fighting to break free,Hoping to fly? And I wondered…If that were me,What would I do?Would… Continue reading →

Quarantine Walks

Journaling through Quarantine An idea on which direction to go with The Quarantine Project finally came to me. It didn’t happen while walking yesterday—as I had hoped—but the light bulb turned on this morning as I sat down to write this.  I didn’t take my camera walking with me because I was worried that it… Continue reading →


The Quarantine Project

Resurrecting Gratitude When the (unofficial) quarantine began, I was on a mission. Two if you count the New Lifestyle New, New Me project—but that actually started before “everything changed.” What I’m referring to, and what I totally lost sight of, were my Daily Gratitude posts. It completely slipped my mind. How easy it is to… Continue reading →