Where I Am Today

For the better part of my life I was one of those people who “wished” they had gone to college. Not necessarily for the education (although that’s the main point!), but for the experience.

In August of 2017, I took a giant leap. I enrolled. As long as I’m sober, and as long as I’m writing the story of my transformation; why not give it all I’ve got… Right?!

As of today (summer 2019), I am seven units away from my Associate’s degree in Psychology, and six units away from a Certificate in Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic design intern—for the athletic department—for two semesters, and am now working on the team… with pay. 🙂

In August of 2020 I’ll be transferring to a University where I’ll pursue my Bachelor’s in Psychology. There’s a lot more to come.

My story is still being written!

Life is good, sobriety is awesome, and God is great!


    • So true!! I am so grateful I got this chance. And I’m glad it is now rather than sooner. I probably would have mucked it up in the past lol

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      • Rebecca says

        Haha! I’m still waiting on my paperwork before I ca really get started with life…. like job or school… but it feels like I have endless possibilities!

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