Who I Am

On March 7th 2018, I celebrated two years of sobriety. I came to believe in God in early 2015 and spent a year learning about who He is, and about the twelve steps in recovery. After several relapses and two trips to the hospital, I ALSO came to realize the importance of surrender!

My dear friend Gil encouraged me to share my journey. I believe his original comment was “why don’t you write about how people can change at any age.”

Little did we know at the time that his suggestion would be one that would get me through MANY challenges, and catapult me over COUNTLESS hurdles. I had a new purpose for my life, and I was on a mission:

I was going to write the story of how my life was transformed!

I have a slightly dramatic style (at times), at least when it comes to writing. I’m a serious optimist, so you’ll likely find me searching for, or discovering silver linings, rainbows and lost treasures in my posts. I also try to be funny. It’s a little offbeat sometimes, and might be hard to catch due to your inability to see my facial expressions and smile when I’m sharing… but it’s there. 🙂

I am not so sure that words can express how grateful and happy I am to be living this NEW life, but I will certainly do my best! That’s about all for now. The rest of my story is (or will be) written on the pages of the blog somewhere.