Unteach Me

I titled my story Unteach Me, because I’ve learned throughout the last two years, after finding God, that I’d always been looking at life wrong. Not only did I have a lot to learn, but I had a lot to UNLEARN.

This particular story was written before I started blogging and was cut and pasted daily. Below is the table of contents- and I’ve also inserted links at the end of each post to quickly take you to the next chapter of the story. 15 to be exact. For anyone who’d ever like to read the story in it’s entirety- I thought I’d make it easier.

IN THE BEGINNING: “Looking back, I can clearly see that this would have been the perfect time for me to find God. Instead, I found alcohol.”

REWRITING YOUR STORY: “The very first drink I took fixed everything. I was no longer tongue-tied. I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was courageous!”

THE AUTHOR OF MY LIFE: “I was always STRIVING. I strived to be ultra-independent, to make money, and to be totally self-reliant. Then I strived to be stress-free so that I could somehow be happy and content!”

SWEET SURRENDER: “Nearly two years ago, in the throes of a downward spiral, I fought to hold myself and my business together- by a thread. The harder I held onto that thread the more everything seemed to unravel.”

HEARING GOD’S WHISPER: “Whenever I talk about finding God, I always wonder how people perceive that. You know… like… I wonder if they think I saw a vision (or thought that I did).”

A LIGHTER LOAD: “Whenever I quit drinking before, it was merely that. I quit picking up the glass. I would continue on…just as I had (but with a clear head).”

GIRL TALK-PART ONE: “I hit my first DETOUR in June of last year. I was living in a studio, and had just started a part-time job that would keep me there.”

GIRL TALK-PART TWO: “The world around me had groomed me in such a calculated way that I was fooled, and I was just beginning to see things in a new light.”

A SPRINKLE OF FAITH: “I began with a blank piece of paper, and had absolutely no idea how it would all turn out, but I set my sights on a glorious future. The possibilities were boundless.”

THE COMEBACK KID: “After getting back on my feet, both in sobriety and with the broken ankles finally healing, my journey got real. Stupid real.”

FIGHTING TO WIN: “When I mentioned “taking down the enemy” in my last post, I was talking about sobriety…and my own spiritual battle. I wasn’t declaring war on men.”

THROUGH GOD’S EYES: “Perhaps imagining how people look through God’s eyes was helping me grasp that things aren’t always black and white. I was learning to appreciate the bigger picture, where the two extremes merge together to create countless shades of gray.”

THE GREAT ESCAPE: “I realized that my things were holding me hostage. I had created my own prison, trying to hold on to all of that stuff, and now the shackles were coming off.”

A STEP FORWARD: “If they hadn’t challenged me, I might still be up on my diva-like pink throne… daydreaming about another fish to fry and buying time until my next fall.”

A CHILD OF GOD: “How I saw things now was that a curious young girl stood before me… full of intriguing thoughts and questions about life… and I silenced her.”

I’m hoping to end the Confessions Series very soon- and the two stories should merge together, to conclude the story of my journey into recovery.

The rest, as they say…

is history.